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What is Spellathon?

Spellathon is a spelling challenge in which contestants are asked to spell a broad selection of words, usually with a varying degree of difficulty. Preparing for Spellathon helps students understand words more deeply as they learn definitions, language of origin or etymology, usage in a sentence, along with the spelling of words.

Spellathon is conducted annually by WishWin in collaboration with NSM Gurucool.

Please note:

For online contests, the detailed rules and guidelines will be shared after registration.

Spellathon FAQs

Spellathon consists of 2 levels

  • Junior Spellathon: Grades K, 1, 2, 3, and 4
  • Senior Spellathon: Grades 5, 6, 7, and 8

Our competitions are meant to promote academic excellence and recognize students for their talent and hard work. During our competitions, there will be pictures and videos taken which may be posted on our website. Students who wish to participate in our competitions will have to turn in a photo / video release consent form at the time of onsite check-in on the day of the competition.

The students are expected to arrive 30 minutes before the exam for onsite check-in, seating of students, and explanation of rules.

Prerequisites for check-in are provided in the Rules and Guidelines section..

  • Deep understanding of words
  • Usage of words in sentences
  • Definition of words
  • Origin of words
  • Gain self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Ability to take center stage and spell words based on information provided
  • Help in being more organized and disciplined as they study and practice regularly
  • The registered students will receive word lists.
  • The word lists will be in accordance to the category levels of the students.
  • The word lists consist of a mix of easy, moderate, and challenging words.
  • The students are expected to study the words and look up and understand the definition of the words.
  • It would be good for students to proactively study sentence formation for the words to help them in comprehension.

Yes, Spellathon will consist of written and oral sections.

The oral rounds will consist of words from the sample word lists and other sources.

Following are some sources that may be used for preparation.

  • Study lists circulated to the students upon registration.
  • School study lists.
  • Word of the day and new words from the following sources: (,,,
  • Merriam-Webster Unabridged, available at

Merriam-Webster Unabridged is the final authority and sole source for the spelling of words. It is built on the solid foundation of Webster's Third New International Dictionary, Unabridged and is the best source of current information about the English language.

Parents can help with the set up and watch the live stream of the Online Spellathon. Nobody, other than the student should be present in the same room as the spellers. Parental interruption in any form during the competition is not acceptable and based on discretion of the WishWin team, the contestant can face disqualification.

A contestant has the right to appeal and request for a review of the judge's decision before the start of the next round of Spellathon. Parents are not allowed to approach judges directly. Parents can submit a written appeal to a volunteer who will then refer the matter to the judges at the end of that round. In any appeal, decision of the judges is final.

Soon after the oral rounds, the winners will be announced and awards and certificates will be distributed during the award ceremony.

The National champion of Spellathon of a particular category cannot participate in the same category again, however, the student can participate in the higher-level categories. For example, the National champion of Junior Spellathon cannot participate in the Junior Spellathon again, but can participate in the Senior Spellathon. Also, a student who has participated in the Senior Spellathon is not eligible to participate in the Junior Spellathon.

Spellathon Rules, Guidelines and Study Sources.

Detailed Rules and Guidelines for the Online and Onsite WishWin National Spellathon are provided below.

  • Students who are in K - 4 grade are eligible to participate in the Junior Spellathon.
  • Students who are in 5 - 8 grade are eligible to participate in the Senior Spellathon.

Online National Spellathon Rules and Guidelines

All sections of the Online National Spellathon will be virtual

  • All spellers, including current students, must register for the competition by signing up at
  • Registration fee is $25 until June 10 and $30 from June 11 for the 2021 WishWin Spellathon.
  • The registration fee is non-refundable.
  • Registration will be on a first-come, first-served basis and will close after the capacity is reached or on July 18, 2021.
WishWin 2021 Online Spellathon Schedule
Junior Spellathon Senior Spellathon
Preliminaries: July 24 Preliminaries: July 25
Semi-finals: July 31 Semi-finals: August 1
National Grand Finals: August 6 National Grand Finals: August 8
Spellathon Junior and Senior Placement:
  • The National Champion, First Runner-up, and Second Runner-up of the Junior and Senior Spellathon will receive WishWin trophies.
  • The National finalists will receive digital national rank certificates.
  • All the participants of Spellathon will receive digital certificates.
Spellathon Junior and Senior Preliminaries (Online):
  • Preliminaries will consist of an online written test with 25 spelling questions and 25 vocabulary questions. Duration of the test will be about 1 hour.
  • There will be 3 online tests in each category, and students can choose to participate in any of the 3 tests when they register.
  • Students will receive Zoom links and an online test link. The Zoom links will help the organizers proctor the online written test and the test link will help the students take the written test for the preliminaries of the Spellathon.
  • A specific number of students from the Preliminaries as determined by the organizers will advance to the National Semi-finals for both the Junior and Senior Spellathon respectively.
Spellathon Junior and Senior National Semi-Finals (Online):
  • The National Semi-Finals will consist of oral rounds only and the top students will be determined based on elimination method.
  • A specific number of students from the Semi-Finals as determined by the organizers will be invited to the National Grand Finals of Junior and Senior Spellathon respectively.
Spellathon Junior and Senior National Grand Finals (Online):
The National Grand Finals will consist of oral rounds only and the winners will be determined based on elimination method.
Oral Rounds' process:

Spellers should join the oral competitions using an online link provided by the organizers prior to the start of the oral rounds.

  • In each round, the speller will have 2 minutes to spell the word from the time the pronouncer first says the word. The speller may seek information in the first 90 seconds. No questions will be allowed in the last 30 seconds of the allocated time.
  • If technical or other difficulties are experienced while spelling a word, the judges may provide the speller a different word for the round.
  • If the technical difficulties continue, the organizers will proceed the competition without the spellers who continue to have technical difficulties.
  • Judges may at their discretion use alternate tools to communicate with spellers, especially if there are many technical challenges..
Word Lists and Official Dictionary
  • Students will be provided with a word list consisting of 1000 words after registration. The word list for the Junior and Senior Spellathon are different.
  • The Merriam Webster Unabridged Online Dictionary at ( will be the official source for words and word information.
Computing Requirements:
  • All spellers should have a computer (not a phone or not a tablet) with a microphone and webcam. Spellers without a computer with microphone or webcam will not be able to participate in the online Spellathon.
  • The speller or a parent should have admin rights to install software such as Zoom on the computer that is used by the student for the online Spellathon.
Online Logistics and Honor System:
  • The entire competition will be held online. During all rounds of competition, spellers must not seek help from any external resources. This includes, but is not limited to, other people (e.g. parents, friends), any devices (e.g. phone, computer, additional computer or monitor, dictionary), or any software (e.g. online dictionary).
  • Spellers should choose a quiet and well-lit room for the competition.
  • Spellers should install a secondary device (a phone or a laptop placed behind the speller at a distance) that shows the room and the speller's computer.
  • While taking the online written test, spellers must not switch browser tabs or open other websites/software/files on their device.
  • During all the rounds of competition, spellers are required to be in front of a webcam, and their physical movements and operations on the computer screen will be continuously recorded.
  • Parents should not be in the same room as the speller. They can watch the social media livestream from a separate room.
  • Spellers should not mute themselves at any time, but the judges may choose to mute all spellers at their discretion.
  • Organizers may ask a speller to show the entire room if they have any questions.
  • Prior to receiving each word, the speller should show both hands to the judges. The speller should continue to show the hands while spelling his/her word. The hands should be visible in the Zoom video frame until the speller finishes spelling the word.
  • Ultimately, this competition is an honor system and we rely on the integrity of the spellers to uphold the fairness of the competition.
Set-up for the Preliminaries, Semi-finals and Grand Finals
  • Students are required to check-in before the competition. This will ensure students have their set-up and they are ready to take the written test on the day of the competition seamlessly.
  • The organizers will provide time slots for check-in.
  • Students will be provided a link for taking the test and two zoom links for the set-up.
  • Students should join the written and oral competitions using the online links provided by the organizers.
End of the Grand National Finals
  • The Spellathon will end when there is only one speller. To win the competition, the last speller has to spell his/her own word and a championship word. If a speller misses the championship word, all the remaining spellers from the previous round will be reinstated.
  • When there are only three or less spellers remaining, a 30-word list will be used. If no speller misses his/her word, all three will be declared as co-champions. If one speller misses the word, the remaining two spellers will continue till the end of the 30-word list.
  • All judge's decisions are final. Depending on the circumstances of the competition, judges reserve the right to change the rules of the competition. Judges will do their best to preserve the integrity and fairness of the competition.
  • In the case of unexpected technical difficulties, if necessary, judges will select winners using different criteria, such as online written test scores from the preliminaries.
Privacy and Permissions
  • The organizers may record speller's movements and actions on the computer screen during the contest. By registering for the competition, spellers/parents give the organizers permission to record both.
  • Oral rounds will be broadcast live on various social media channels. All parents, spellers, other family members who appear on Zoom video, hereby agree to broadcast their images and images of the property.
  • The organizers may provide contact information of winner(s) to the media.
  • The organizers may use the recorded material in preparing promotional videos.

Onsite National Spellathon Rules and Guidelines

The following 'Rules and Guidelines' are applicable for the Onsite National WishWin Spellathon
  • Upon arrival, the spellers will draw for his/her speller number randomly.
  • Rules will be read to spellers before the competition begins, but it is highly recommended that spellers look over the rules prior to the contest date.
  • During the oral rounds, before starting to spell in the first round, every speller should say his/her name, speller number and grade for the judges' record.
  • Each speller will step up to the microphone, spell the word and return to his/her seat during the rounds.
  • Once the letters are spelled, the speller can restart his/her spelling after informing the judges, but he/she may not change the order of the letters already spelled.
  • If the speller correctly spells the word, he/she remains in the competition and returns to his/her seat.
  • If the speller does not spell the word correctly, he/she will return the number card to his/her respective seat and return to the audience.
  • Each speller remaining at the start of a round spells one word in each round.
  • The speller can ask questions related to the word as per the guidelines provided.
  • A speller should say the word before and after spelling the word as this helps the judges, but a speller will not be disqualified for failing to do so.
  • The competition will start with the study lists of words provided and move out of the lists as needed.
  • At any time, we are entitled to use lists outside of the study material to determine the winners.
  • Championship Rounds: In order to win the bee, a speller must spell a word correctly in a round in which every other speller misspells, and then spell another word (championship word) correctly.
  • In case the speller misses the championship word, the spellers from the previous round return to the competition and the rounds will progress as before.
  • The top three winners in each category (senior & junior) will be awarded 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place trophies respectively.
  • All other children will be recognized with a participation trophy.
  • The decision of the judges is final.
  • Participants are requested to learn the pronunciations, definitions and other details of the words while studying them.
  • Some words have alternate pronunciations. It is good to know all pronunciations of the word while preparing for the competition.
  • Participants are encouraged to take time, think and spell the word.
  • If the word has a homonym, the pronouncer will provide the relevant information.
  • The speller may ask for the following details about the word:
    • Definition
    • Use in a sentence
    • Language of origin
    • Part of speech.
    • Alternate pronunciation.

Flyer - 2021


Word lists


Junior Spellathon Partcipants list

Sl. No. First Name Last name Grade
1 Aara Naik 2
2 Aarav Munjal 2
3 Aaron Sharma 1
4 Aarushi Mahapatra 4
5 Aditya Kalisetty 1
6 Advaiya Lad 4
7 Agrim Vishnoi 4
8 Akshaj Gundal 2
9 Amulya Vavilapalli 2
10 Ananya Kala 2
11 Anikait Takkar 2
12 Anna Chathampadathil 3
13 Aryan Bachu 4
14 Aryan Joshi 3
15 Ashwin Nadar 2
16 Hemanth Golla 3
17 Ivanka Singh 3
18 Karthik Sukumaran 3
19 Kavin Sharma 3
20 Mananya Gupta 4
21 Maya Sharma 3
22 Mohul Vairavan 2
23 Naina Takkar 1
24 Nidhi Vijayaraghavan 2
25 Nikhil Verma 3
26 Nivrithi Atluri 2
27 Nyasa Makam 2
28 Panav Sud 3
29 Rohan Jain 1
30 Sahana Iyer 3
31 Samritha Lakshmikanthan 3
32 Satvika Upperla 2
33 Shivaathmika Jayapal 1
34 Tanusha Duggu 4
35 Twesha Singh 2
36 VarunAditya Devireddy 2
37 Vikas Krishna 4
38 Vishwas Vijayendra Rao 1
39 Vivinsha Veduru 1
40 Yashas Chandra Sai Nallabothula 2
41 Tanish Misra 4

Senior Spellathon Participants list

Sl. No. First Name Last Name Grade
1 Adithya Uppathil 5
2 Vinay Devarakonda 6
3 Nairit Sarkar 8
4 Aadit Krishna 6
5 Mohnish Vairavan 6
6 Karthik Nemmani 8
7 Lakshmi Vemula 4
8 Rishwi Pillutla 6
9 Naysa Modi 7
10 Tanvi Sud 7
11 Manas Jain 6
12 Varun Kudva 5
13 Sanjana Kota 5
14 Ryan Pius 4
15 Narein Vignesh 6
16 Harini Kanamarlapudi 8
17 Harshun Kathiresan 6
18 Neha Chelamkuri 7
19 Pranav Mukund 7

WishWin - Spellpundit Senior Spellathon 2020 Online National Championship Final Ranks

Speller# Name City, State Grade Rank
SSB-080 Vayun Krishna Sunnyvale, CA 8 1
SSB-137 Harini Logan San Antonio, TX 7 2
SSB-008 Jayden Lee San Ramon, CA 8 3
SSB-131 Akshita Balaji Herndon , VA 8 3
SSB-077 Saharsh Vuppala Bellevue, WA 7 5
SSB-021 Zaila Avant-garde Harvey, LA 8 6
SSB-116 Dev Shah Seminole, FL 6 6
SSB-121 Ishya Bhavsar Prairie Village, KS 8 6
SSB-128 Shijay Sivakumar Odessa, TX 7 6
SSB-146 Nimal Murugan Cumming, GA 6 6
SSB-030 Sirjana Kaur Redmond, WA 7 11
SSB-068 Shradha Rachamreddy Colusa way, CA 5 11
SSB-070 Immanuel Goveas Menomonee falls, WI 8 11
SSB-160 Aanvi Manda Lufkin, TX 6 11
SSB-162 Achyut Ethiraj Fort Wayne, IN 5 11
SSB-075 Maya Jadhav Fitchburg, WI 7 16

WishWin - SpellPundit Senior Spellathon 2020 Grand Finalists

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Jayden Lee
Saharsh Vuppala
Dev Shah
Zaila Avant-garde
Immanuel Goveas
Vayun Krishna
Ishya Bhavsar
Sirjana Kaur
Maya Jadhav
Akshita Balaji
Shijay Sivakumar
Shradha Rachamreddy
Nimal Murugan
Achyut Ethiraj
Aanvi Manda
Harini Logan

Senior Spellathon 2020 Semifinalists Results

Group A
September 26th
12 PM PT/2 PM CT/3 PM ET
Group B
September 26th
12 PM PT/2 PM CT/3 PM ET
Group C
September 26th
Group D
September 26th
Michael Kolagani Yoshitha Kunarapu Natalie Viderman Cody Cheng
Jiya Shetty Kiyana Balasuriya Eric Mittelman Kerstin Uva
Jayden Lee Meryl Payyappilly Advika Govindaraju Avyay Kodali
Aarush Tandon Srinidhi Rao Shrethan Botla Zaila Avant-garde
Thejas Prakash Tanvi Rakesh Akshainie kamma Abhilash Patel
Brendan Lindsey Rana Vajha Saransh Malhotra Wafiyah Wadud
Teresa Cherian Aryan Nindra Riya Hegde Starleslie Orji
Charan Bala Tej Raja Akshay Sai Vandanapu Sirjana Kaur
Ananya Augustine Saharsh Vuppala Sahana Naharaajan Madhavendra Thakur
Syreeta Das Benjamin Edmunds Aiden Levendofsky Vivinsha Veduru
Ishika Varipilli Vayun krishna Amitoj Chouhan Punya Phaugat
Immanuel Goveas Serena Agrawal Ishwin Baweja Pranav Anandh
Maya Jadhav Hasini Grandhi Advitiya Jadhav Shradha Rachamreddy
Aparna Prasad Achyuth Ethiraj Arav patel Benjamin Chen
Surya Kapu Sameer Vechalapu Dev Shah Clara Harmon
Riya Koya Shreyas Dave Ishya Bhavsar Krishnapriya Una
Vivaan Kottapalli Chris Gugleta Shijay Sivakumar Kirsten Tiffany Santos
Samarth Khurana Nithika Rangan Manu Sandesh Sripathi Tripat Gill
Sahasra Yenumula Akshita Balaji Tarini Nandakumar Samuel Sapatla
Mihir Rai Rishi Nemmani Aadhavan Veerendra Bella Brown
Sam Evans Smrithika Prabhu Shrisughan Sriganesh Matthew Noel
Chaitra Thummala Jeremiah Markose Aryan Khedkar Charles Fennell
Nimal Murugan Sophia Lopez Manvita Kancharla Erik Williams
Avani Joshi Zaid Asad Aanvi Manda Harini Logan
Norris Chowdhury Shaanvi Mahesh Aritra Banerjee Alexis Martin
Aniruth Satish Sahasrad Sathish Eknash Rastogi Yash Shelar

WishWin - Spellpundit Junior Spellathon 2020 Online National Championship Final Ranks

Rank Name City, State Grade
1 Faizan Zaki Allen, TX 2
2 Ananyarao Prassanna Omaha, NE 4
3 Brihasa Veduru Keller, TX 3
4 Harini Murali Edison, NJ 3
5 Bruhat Soma Tampa, FL 3
5 Vedanth Raju Aurora, CO 3
5 Jiya Bhavsar Prairie Village, KS 2
8 Advait Ajay Beaverton, OR 4
8 Aishwarya Kallakuri Concord, NC 4
8 Aliyah Alpert Prescott, AZ 4
11 Siyonamithra Kandala San Antonio, TX 3
11 Advaith Rajesh Sunnyvale, CA 4
13 Rushil Kalapure Shrewsburry, MA 3
14 Aryank Bharadwaj San Ramon, CA 4
14 Yukti Katti Planto, TX 4
14 Visharad Sathish Grayslake, IL 3
17 Sharvari Shet Richardson, TX 4

WishWin - SpellPundit Junior Spellathon 2020 Grand Finalists

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Vedanth Raju
Sharvari Shet
Bruhat Soma
Siyonamithra Kandala
Jiya Bhavsar
Advait Ajay
Rushil Kelapure
Aryank Bharadwaj
Aryank Bharadwaj
Advaith Rajesh
Yukti Katti
Aishwarya Kallakuri
Faizan Zaki
Harini Murali
Brihasa Veduru
Visharad Sathish
    Aliyah Alpert

Junior Spellathon 2020 Semifinalists Results

Group A
September 19th
12 PM PT/2 PM CT/3 PM ET
Group B
September 19th
12 PM PT/2 PM CT/3 PM ET
Group C
September 26th
Group D
September 19th
Saketh Vemula Mauryavardhan Reddy Kudumula Anish Agrawal Omkarthik Rayakota
Vishnu Chetlapalli Dhanya Jaganathan Bruhat Soma Lakshmi Kritika Josyula
Anisha Dhanalakoti Sharvari Shet Ahaan Bhanushali Saanvi Mishra
Eva Alapatt Advait Ajay Jyothsana Anandh Danika Madhumitha Selvasundaram
Riyanshi Sharma Shreeya Sivakumar Rushil Kelapure Arnav Parat
Reyansh Pattnaik Shreyas Bhupathiraju Anushka Ayyappan Anjali Chauhan
Ankita Balaji Abirami Kalyanasundaram Arienne Guevarra Ethan Perkin
Miles Hubbert Nivida Agarwal Shiloh Balasuriya Sydney Tiu
Zara Jabeen Arjun Padmanabham Nitin Keshavan Vincent Payyappilly
Srijay Jagarlamudi Raaghav Hariashok Ahdav Vijay Jay Jadhav
Saisha Butchireddy Dishita Bangotra Christian Cherian Maanya Bhatnagar
Aarna Vanjara Advaith Rajesh Seetha Kavya Priya Manchikalapati Siyonamithra Kandala
Shreyan Sarkar Aashvi Parikh Yukti Katti Aryank Bharadwaj
Sukhmun Chouhan Archita Roy Nousheen Abdolmohammadi Dhanush Paladugu
Amanuddin Mohammed Riya Sharma Brihasa Veduru Vihaan Penmetsa
Prisha Kumbasi Sristi Vaidya Nikhil Manohar Shrikar Kada
Vedanth Raju Eesha Vanamala Ishaan Nair Edith Fuller
James Visootsak Dhruva Cheeti Atiksh Arun Aishwarya Kallakuri
Ibrahim Salman Ishan Tariq Shahul Hameed Kamalnath Vinoth Kumar Purav Ashok
Adarsh Venkannagari Aadish Krish Amoolya Marepalli Dakshini Karthikeyan
Mihr Sharma Vihaan Adaru Divya Choudhary Saif Jeelani
Jiya Bhavsar Harini Murali Adithi Ravikumar Mannat Aggarwal
Ananyarao Prassanna Srikar Bandreddy Aliyah Alpert Danvanth Rajesh Kannan
Dushyant Sriram Avviin Chandrasekaran Ananya Joshi Prisha Patra
faizan zaki Phaneendra Bulusu Rohit Raja Visharad Sathish

Spellathon 2019 Results

We had a full house for Spellathon 2019, held at UTD, Jindal School of Management.

The students of junior and senior division were incredible.

  • 1, 2, 3 place winners were recognized with winner trophies and all other students were recognized with participation trophies.
  • SpellPundit awarded $500, $300, and $200 gift vouchers to the top ranks of Spellathon 2019 Juniors and Seniors.
  • All winners are invited to the radio show, Kid’s hour with Anya on Radiocaravan.

Junior Spellathon 2019 Results

The top ranks for Spellathon 2019 juniors were awarded to the following students.

Name Grade City Rank
Arnesh Jayaram 4 Allen, TX Spellathon 2019 Junior Champion
Anirudh Kidambi 4 Frisco, TX First runner up
Siyonamithra Kandala 2 San Antonio, TX Second runner up
Darsheel Paila 4 Dallas, TX 4th Place
Siya Singh 3 Plano, TX Tied for 5th place
Siddhant Gupta 1 Plano, TX Tied for 5th place

Spellathon 2019 juniors championship word:

The championship word for juniors was tortellini.

Here are some facts about the word.

  • Part of speech: noun
  • Pronunciation: \ ˌtȯr-tə-ˈlē-nē \
  • Definition: pasta in the form of little ring-shaped cases containing a filling
  • Sentence: Homemade tortellini is softer and cooks quickly
  • Origin: Italian

Senior Spellathon 2019 Results

The students of the Spellathon 2019 seniors competed for a total of 20 rounds that included several perfect rounds.

The top ranks for Spellathon 2019 seniors went to the following students.

Name Grade City Rank
Michael Kolagani 6 Austin, TX Spellathon 2019 Junior Champion
Vivinsha Veduru 4 Keller, TX 1st Runner-up
Shijay Sivakumar 6 Midland, TX 2nd Runner-up
Akshainie Kamma 6 Austin, TX 4th Place
Sanjana Kota 8 Frisco, TX 5th Place
Sayooj Dinesan 8 Frisco, TX Tied for 6th Place
Hephzibah Sujoe 8 Fort Worth, TX Tied for 6th Place
Wafiyah M. Wadud 7 Irving, TX, Tied for 6th Place
Sriya Gomatam 4 Coppell, TX Tied for 6th Place

Spellathon 2019 juniors championship word:

The championship word for juniors was coruscate.

Here are some facts about the word.

  • Part of speech:a verb
  • Pronunciation:\ ˈkȯr-ə-ˌskāt , ˈkär- \
  • Definition: to give off or reflect light in bright beams or flashes
  • Sentence: The diamonds began to coruscate in the bright light.
  • Origin: Latin

Results juniors - 2018

The top ranks for Spellathon 2018 juniors were awarded to the following students.

1 Vivinsha Veduru Spellathon 2018 Junior Champion
2 Sriya Gomatam 1st Runner-up
3 Anirudh Hariharan 2nd Runner-up
4 Ananya Kala 4th Place
5 Advik Kishore, Anooushka Rai, Anirudh Venkatakrishnan, Navya Girish Tied for 5th Place

Spellathon 2018 juniors championship word:

The championship word for juniors was Peloton.

Here are some facts about the word.

  • Part of speech: noun
  • Pronunciation: \ ˌpe-lə-ˈtän, pel-uh-ton \
  • Definition: the main body of riders in a bicycle race
  • Sentence: Riders were enjoying a calm sunny afternoon as part of the peloton
  • Origin: French.

Results seniors - 2018

The students of the Spellathon 2018 seniors competed for a total of 25 rounds that included several perfect rounds.

The top 5 ranks for Spellathon 2018 seniors went to the following students.

1 Sohum Sukhtankar Spellathon 2018 Senior Champion
2 Rohan Raja 1st Runner-up
3 Maitri Kovuru 2nd Runner-up
4 Hephzibah Sujoe 4th Place
5 Abhinav Bhagavan 5th Place

Spellathon 2018 seniors championship Word:

The championship word for Senior Spellathon was Nesogaean.

Here are some facts about the word.

  • Part of speech: a noun
  • Pronunciation: \¦nēsə¦jēən, ¦nes-​ \
  • Definition: It means: of, relating to, or being a biogeographic region or subregion of the Australian region that includes the smaller tropical Pacific islands.
  • Sentence: We were mesmerized by the Nesogaean creatures on the island.
  • Origin: New Latin + English combining form.

Results juniors - 2017

The top ranks for Spellathon 2017 juniors were awarded to the following students.

1 Mananya Gupta Spellathon 2017 Junior Champion
2 Nyasa Makam 1st Runner-up
3 Ananya Kala 2nd Runner-up
4 Ashwin Nadar and Advaiya Lad tied for 4th Place
5 Ivanka Singh 6th Place

Spellathon 2017 Championship word:

The Championship word was cryptozoology. Here are some facts about the word. Origin: Greek

Part of speech: a noun

Definition: the study of and search for animals and especially legendary animals (such as Sasquatch) usually in order to evaluate the possibility of their existence

Sentence: Tony's career in cryptozoology began after he watched a 5 hour long documentary on the Loch Ness Monster.

Results seniors - 2017

Spellathon 2017 seniors was a spectacular show with seasoned spellers competing for a total of 24 rounds that included several perfect rounds.

The top 5 ranks for Spellathon 2017 seniors went to the following students.

1 Karthik Nemmani Spellathon 2017 Senior Champion
2 Naysa Modi 1st Runner-up
3 Nairit Sarkar 2nd Runner-up
4 Varun Kudva 4th Place
5 Neha Chelamkuri 5th Place

Spellathon 2017 Championship Word:

The Championship word was Razzmatazz. Here are some facts about the word.

Origin: Unknown

Pronunciation: \ˌraz-mə-ˈtaz\

Part of speech: a noun

Definition: noisy and exciting activity meant to attract attention

Sentence: If Cannes is the pinnacle of the international film calendar, the Academy Awards is the zenith of Hollywood razzmatazz.


Please download the study lists for your preparation for Spellathon 2019.


Please download the study lists for your preparation for Spellathon 2018.