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About us

NSM Gurucool and WishWin

NSM Gurucool ( was founded in 2011 in the northeast by Narahari Bharadwaj, a spelling enthusiast. His spelling passion took him to Scripps and then subsequently he became the South Asian Spelling Bee national champion, and NSF national runner-up. In order to keep his passion for spelling alive, he founded NSM Gurucool to help aspiring spellers. NSM Gurucool is a non-profit educational organization dedicated to preparing students from grades K-8 in the fields of math and spelling. At its inception, it catered to students from all across the Mid-Atlantic United States, namely the states of Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Spelling and Math coaching, with mock contests interspersed on a regular basis are the modus operandi of the organization. Spellathon (spelling bee), Mathathon (math competition), and other educational contests conducted throughout the year give the students an opportunity to demonstrate their academic excellence.

After Narahari started college, his mother Vyji Bharadwaj founded WishWin to honor her parents, Viswanathan and Vinodha, thus the name, WishWin. NSM Gurucool and WishWin collaborate together to help children continue to climb the spelling and math ladders. WishWin is a non-profit organization registered with the state of Texas. The objective of WishWin and NSM Gurucool is two-fold. On the one hand, they strive to promote excellence among children by way of competitions, and educational forums, and on the other hand, funds from these competitions and forums are distributed to projects catering to underprivileged both locally and globally.

The philosophy behind conducting competitions is that unless a student is tested to his or her full potential, we will not be able to fully assess how far he or she can go. These competitions allow students to unleash their potential. The educational contests are designed to simulate the experience of a regional or national level academic competition and thus prepare and motivate students. The goal is to help students who will be expected to take center stage in the years to come. We also believe that every child is a winner, and while it has been our endeavor to recognize the top contestants as winners and award them winner trophies, we reward every participant with a participation trophy for most of our contests.

Our contests, Spellathon, Mathathon, Vocabathon, Writeathon, Speechathon, Geo Challenge, STEM Fair, and Talent Fair are scheduled so that students get to participate and experience a variety of contests all through the year.

Our Mission

Promote academic excellence among children by organizing competitions that are designed to simulate the experience of a regional or national level academic competition and thus prepare and motivate students.

Disseminate knowledge by organizing forums to share information related to spelling bee preparation, college preparation, science, innovation, mathematics, and business.

Help the underprivileged, both locally and globally, so that they have the right to education and other opportunities.

About WishWin

Board of Directors

Vyjayanthi (Vyji) Bharadwaj (Founder and President)

Vyji has over 20 years of IT experience across hardware, software and services industry sectors. After graduating in Electronics and Communication as a valedictorian, she enjoyed a great tenure at fortune 500 companies such as Comcast, Capital One, and at Wipro in leadership positions, managing large initiatives and overseeing multiple vendors across diverse portfolios. She is passionate about giving back to her community. Having worked in a number of non-profit organizations, including her son's venture NSM Gurucool, she conceptualized WishWin as a tribute to her parents. Her father was a renowned Mathematics professor, and inspired by that, she wanted to contribute to the field of education. Her vision is to combine creativity and process to accelerate learning and thus help steer students towards excellence with the help of WishWin.

Haritha Kodali

Haritha Kodali has been in the IT industry for more than 20 years specializing in ITSM solutions and worked for McAfee, Network Associates, BMC Software and currently with CloudAction. She has worked across various industries, including health care, insurance, education, finance, and more. She and her family volunteer in a number of community projects. Having 2 girls herself, she joined WishWin for the passion of helping kids build a strong future.

Bharadwaj Heragu

Bharadwaj Heragu is the COO for the $1.3 Billion Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecom Sectors of DXC Technology, responsible for all strategic decisions relating to revenue, operations & profit growth. Prior to DXC Technology, he served as the Managing Director and Global Head of Business and Revenue Operations of the $1.3 Billion Healthcare division of Dell Services. Prior to Dell, Bharadwaj has held several executive positions at other organizations including EVP & Chief Quality Officer at Anthelio Healthcare and Vice President at Wipro Technologies. He has served over 30 years in IT industry across hardware, software and services sectors. Bharadwaj has been associated with WishWin since its inception.

Venkatesh Prasad

Venkatesh Prasad (popularly known as MSVP) is an IT industry veteran with over three decades of global experience. He has held several leadership positions in numerous multinational companies such as Hewlett-Packard, Yahoo, Wipro and ANZ before embarking on an entrepreneurial journey as the Chief Operating Officer of Yulop Websense. MSVP has a strong passion for helping others and has been associated with a non-profit in Bengaluru, India. MSVP is an Engineering graduate from Mysore University. 

Suresh Krishnaiah

Suresh Krishnaiah, is a software engineer by profession and is actively involved with many charitable and nonprofit organizations. Suresh is currently serving as one of the board of directors for AKKA and Milana Kannada Koota at, Milwaukee,WI. During his presidency, the Milana Kannada Koota achieved non-profit status. Through his intiatives, at Milana, EKAL Vidyalaya, he was able to steer fundraising to a whole new level. His efforts, as program director, at India Fest, Milwaukee, brought in participation of over 15,000 visitors. He initiated the first ever Wisconsin singing idol competition which helped identify new singing talent. In 2016, Suresh served as entertainment committee co-chair (special programs) and publicity chair for the 9th AKKA Convention at Atlantic City,  New Jersey and had the opportunity to work with all presidents and leaders across the Kannada kootas of North America. Suresh has an engineering degree from R.V. College of Engineering. He lives in Milwaukee, WI, with his wife and two kids. 

Office of WishWin




Technology, Judging, and Evaluations


Team Lead – Grading and Social Media


Volunteer Relations


Registration and Evaluation


Team Lead - Spellathon Committee


Spellathon Committee


Chennai Operations


Bangalore Operations




Contest co-ordination


Contest co-ordination


Mathathon Committee


Operations and Programs


Founder, and Director of Programs


Sahana Sanjana Narahari Karthik
Haritha Rohan Vybhavi Sohum
Bharadwaj Vivek Vyji Chakri
Vidya Veena Krishnamurthi Akhila
Venkatesh Naysa Rishik Sumedh
Bala Mekhala Nash Urvi
Minal Sonika Riya Nivrithi
Fiona Khushbu Snehaa Sanvi
Jhanani Swati Suhitha Shubham
Isha Alekhya Saanavi Keyur
Kapil Thejasvi Arushi Aakash
Sahana N Saksham Bhanu Nikki
Parth Santhosh Viren
Sabhitha Yashitha

WishWin’s Summer Volunteering Program

  • WishWin’s summer volunteering program was an integrated activity consisting of students from Dallas and Houston who worked on enriching our quiz banks and word banks.

  • Quiz Bank-WishWin’s youth volunteers, consisting of Sanjana, Sonika, Urvi, Riya, Fiona, Kapil, Thejasvi, Arushi, and Keyur, got together to create WishWin’s quiz bank consisting of science, geography, and math questions. The students did a great job to create interesting and well researched questions!

  • Word Bank- WishWin’s youth volunteers, consisting of the Scripps National spelling bee champions, Karthik (2018 champion), Sohum (2019 champion), and Rohan (2019 champion) have been working on creating the junior and senior Spellathon word lists for the upcoming Spellathon in December.

  • Students who wish to be a part of our youth volunteer team, may email us at

Volunteers – Open Positions

  • 1) Sponsor Director - to coordinate with sponsors and work towards getting more sponsors for WishWIn.
    • Number of positions: Multiple
  • 2) Social Media Director - to market WishWin brand and publicize WishWin’s contests and forums.
    • Number of positions: Multiple
  • 3) Contest Coordinator - to be part of the planning and coordination of WishWin’s contests and coordinate during contests.
    • Number of positions: Multiple
  • 4) Webinar Director - to coordinate and organize webinars and forums. To be a self-starter and recruit volunteers as needed for the ongoing conducting of webinars
    • Number of positions: 2
  • 5) Regional Director - to lead and host WishWin’s contests across the various regions (North, South, East, West, and Central)
    • Number of positions: 5