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What is

Speechathon aims to help shape students' professional and personal growth by providing them with a platform to speak on topics of their interest and communicate thoughts, ideas, and situations clearly.

Effective speaking skills, presentation skills, and delivery, if developed from an early age, will provide students with a solid foundation that will help them in their future endeavors irrespective of the profession they choose.

Thus, Speechathon is an opportunity for students to express themselves.

Please note:

For online contests, the detailed rules and guidelines will be shared after registration.

Speechathon FAQs

Speechathon consists of 4 categories or levels

  • Level 1: Grades K, 1, 2, and 3
  • Level 2: Grades 4, 5
  • Level 3: Grades 6, 7, and 8
  • Level 4: Grades 9, 10, 11, and 12

Students should bring a printed or mobile copy of the registration cofirmation for onsite check-in.

  • Clarity of thought
  • Effective communication skills
  • Building self confidence
  • Ability to express better
  • Facing an audience

After registration, the "Themes, rules, and guidelines document" will be available for download. Students should use the themes and come up with a topic of their choice based on the theme for their grades.

Students can use props such as posters during their speech.

The schedule for Speechathon includes the following:

  • Onsite check-in
  • Speechathon
  • Grading
  • Award ceremony

The students are expected to be punctual and arrive 30 minutes before the contest for the onsite check-in.

Speechathon Rules and Guidelines

  • All speeches will be in English language only.
  • After registration, students can download the themes, rules, and guidelines document. Based on the themes for their grades, students can choose their own topic for Speechathon and prepare their speeches.
  • Speechathon consists of an oral component only. Judging will be based on the speeches delivered by the students.
  • Students are expected to arrive on time for the onsite check-in.
  • Students should say their name and the topic clearly before starting their speech.
  • Students should adhere to the timing provided for their speech based on the category and level as per the timing guidelines provided.
  • Scoring will be done independently by the judges and the average score will be used to determine the student ranking.
  • Winners will be determined based on the overall average score.

Flyer - 2021


Flyer - 2020


Word lists

Word list seniors


Level 2 Speechathon Champion

Shreyas Gudivada


Experience Speech

Srika and Darsheel share their experiences at WishWin's Speechathon on Radiocaravan with Anya

Speechathon 2021 Results

Congratulations to all the students who participated in WishWin’s Speechathon 2021 National Championship. The students did an exemplary job of presenting the speeches.

The speeches were evaluated independently by 5 Judges. The top ranks were then determined based on the individual evaluations by the Judges.

Please see below for the top ranks of WishWin’s Speechathon 2021.

Level 1 Results

Level 2 Results

Level 3 Results


Speechathon 2020 Results

Congratulations to all the students for an exemplary performance in the 2020 Online National Speechathon Competition. The speeches were evaluated independently by 4 judges. The average score was then computed and used to determine the top ranks. Speechathon results for the 4 levels, across grades K-12 are provided below:

Speechathon 2020 Level 1 Results

Speechathon 2020 Level 2 Results

Speechathon 2020 Level 3 Results

Speechathon 2020 Level 4 Results

Speechathon 2019 Results

Speechathon 2019 for levels 1, 2, and 3 (grades 1-8) were held at UTD, Jindal School of Management, on Saturday, March 23 2019.

The students were brilliant and delivered some of the best speeches! The results for each level are provided below.

Results Level 1 - 2019

The top three ranks for Speechathon 2019 level 1 – grades 1-3 were awarded to the following students.

1 Shrika Sai Atluri Speechathon 2019 Level 1 Champion
2 Richa Rai 1st Runner-up
3 Jaden Sushanth Andrew 2nd Runner-up

Results Level 2 - 2019

The top three ranks for Speechathon 2019 level 2 – grades 4-5 were awarded to the following students.

1 Shreyas Gudivada Speechathon 2019 Level 2 Champion
2 Nithya Jonnalagedda 1st Runner-up
3 Ronit Bhadra 2nd Runner-up

Results Level 3 - 2019

The top three ranks for Speechathon 2019 level 3 – grades 6-8 were awarded to the following students.

1 Swayam Rath Speechathon 2019 Level 3 Champion
2 Shreyas Jena 1st Runner-up
3 Divij adhikarala 2nd Runner-up

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